The road to wellness is not a straight, flat, path that is the same for every individual. The path to optimal wellbeing and living our best life is unique to each of us and our unique constitutions. On every level of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies your needs will be your own. What it takes to meet those needs you alone know best. In a supported space where you feel seen, heard, and understood, you will, with the right guidance, be able to once again follow your inner guidance and the wisdom from within. The body knows best, and you know your body best.

In our modern world, fast paced, and with a pill for very ailment, we have lost our way of trusting ourselves and connecting with our own inner wisdom. We choose quick fixes, patching things over, and pushing our bodies far beyond what they are capable of or can sustain. This impact of stress of many kinds on our bodies has long term consequences and challenges. My challenge to you is to ask, “Can you slow down long enough to listen?” To hear the whispers before they become the screams. Or maybe they have become the screams already, can you pause long enough to listen to them and not just drown them out. Perhaps for the umpteenth time already.

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