I have always been passionate about educating others and sharing knowledge. Much of my time in session is spent giving tools, sharing advice, and helping others stand in their own power as they learn more about taking better care of themselves on every level.

It brings me great joy to share with others, both online and in person. Sign up to one of my online talks or contact me for a presentation in person at your workplace, school, or place of training.

I look forward to bringing you an ever expanding scope of topics and talks and supporting you in increasing your awareness. Knowledge is power.




The first months and early years of our children’s lives are fundamental in their foundation for life. The developmental milestones are a way of ensuring our children develop optimally. Although I believe in each child’s unique journey and stages of development the importance of providing an optimum environment to thrive in is essential. As infants and children develop they master different skills in various areas. Supporting them with the tools they need and giving them good opportunities to learn these skills is vital. This talk covers what the various areas of development are and how to best support your children through these early stages of development.  This talk is best suited for parents, grandparents, carers, and practitioners involved in caring for children in their early years.






Posture, probably one of the most talked about subjects when it comes to looking after our bodies, yet one of the least understood. So many people spend their days sitting, sleeping and standing incorrectly and wonder why their pain levels can’t be managed. All too often in practice a person’s pain has been managed during a session by a practitioner, but no tools given to go home and change the way they position themselves throughout their days. Removing aggravating factors such as poor sleep and work positions is of vital importance in maintaining a good balance in our bodies. This talk is aimed at bringing awareness to our posture throughout our days and nights and implementing simple yet highly effective changes to optimise our positioning.

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