The role of a Doula in a birthing place is a very sacred space to hold. And truly a privilege to be a part of. To witness new life entering the world through a mother in her greatest power is nothing short of a miracle. The miracle of life unfolding before our eyes as the soul enters its body and a transition occurs from maiden to mother. And a family is born.

Studying through the Mama Bamba Way as a Doula, Dani’s approach to birth is one of honouring the innate wisdom a woman has to birth her baby and allowing the sacred space to be held for her to do so. Creating a safe and nurturing environment for the soul to land into.

The role of a doula extends both pre-birth during pregnancy in the preparation physically, mentally and spiritually, as well aspost-birth in the post-partum stage in nurturing a newborn and ensuring successful breastfeeding, the honouring of the fourth trimester period and a solid grounding for a thriving baby to develop in a connected family. Dani is able to combine her doula training and Chiropractic knowledge and skills to ensure newborns and their parents receive the highest quality care and support during the post-partum period.

Work with me through your pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period as you journey from maiden to mother and navigate this major life transition. I have a variety of offerings that can be tailor made to suit your needs should you not find one that calls to your specific needs. We are all unique individuals who walk through this incredibly sacred time in our lives in our own magical ways. Now, more than ever, it is an important time in your life to make conscious choices that make you feel safe, supported and heard. Both by yourself, your family and any care providers who are taking this journey with you. It is YOUR journey and that means YOU get to choose how you navigate it and the decisions you make along the way. I would love to support and walk with you through this transformational time in your life.

Work with me 1:1


The full package, for those in my local area where I am able to provide in person birth support at the time of your birth.

Birth Support Supreme

Birth Support Supreme Package Includes:
3 x 1 hour pre natal sessions online or in person
Birth Support during active labour and for the hours post birth
3 x 1.5 hour post partum sessions online or in person
24 hour contact via call, watsapp or email from 36 weeks pre natally to 3 months post partum

Cost:      R12 800