Chiropractors use a variety of different techniques to treat patients. Dr Dani Nelson  uses a form of full body assessment referred to as Neuro Impulse Protocol (NIP).

NIP is a system of full body analysis and treatment to determine the function of the nervous system and correct that function without force. In order to interpret the function of the nervous system a strict protocol and order of examination must be followed. Remember that the nervous system is constantly receiving messages from the body and from that information it then controls the response it sends out into the body. Think of your brain as being like a computer – if you change the input to the computer that will change the output. It is the same for your body; if you change the input to your brain through messages of pain or loss of movement from part of the body, this will change the way your brain controls the body. Perhaps you may start to limp, have a change in posture, or have a headache; this makes you susceptible to more aches and pains. The aim of NIP is to normalize the input to your brain and therefore the output.

NIP is based on gentle touch and very light thrusting. This very specific, low force adjusting method allows your nervous system to better interpret and integrate the sensory input from the thrust and to appropriately process it throughout the brain and spinal cord. There is no clicking involved in an NIP adjustment.

NIP is referred to as a ‘tonal technique’ because its intent is to normalise the natural tone held in the nervous system. Imagine that your nervous system has a volume control — if you turn the volume up too much it causes distortion — this distorted function in the nervous system can and does manifest as musculoskeletal stress and pain, internal organ dysfunction and diminished immune response. Similar inappropriate responses are also seen when the volume is set too low. When the volume is set wrongly the nervous system sends distorted messages to the body, adversely affecting tone. The result is sluggish body function with a slowing of normal responses.

The primary intent of NIP is to progressively reduce abnormal tension throughout the entire system, to release patterns of dysfunction. NIP corrects these problems of increased or decreased tone by normalizing the function of the nerve, cord, and brain.

Are NIP Adjustments safe?

Yes, absolutely. NIP avoids any force on the spinal joints making it 100% safe for people of all ages and suffering from all conditions. There is no clicking involved in an NIP adjustment and the force used is about as much as you could handle on your eyeball.

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