Returning to self • Connecting with the unborn soul • Nurturing you both

Give yourself the gift of presence, of connection, of nurturing love and care during this transformational journey in your life.

The magic of pregnancy and the sacred space that is held as a mother bringing new life into the world is often not truly celebrated as the miracle it is. Society has us focused on all that we need once our baby arrives, and often has us mistrusting what our bodies are truly capable of. And all too often we spend this time fearful and somewhat alone in how we feel.

This 3 day weekend retreat is about reconnecting to yourself, connecting to your unborn child, and sharing soul filled connections with other women on this remarkable journey.

Pregnancy and then birth is the transition from maiden to mother and all too often this major life transformation isn’t revered for the milestone it is, and women can be left in motherhood feeling overwhelmed, unsupported and without trust in their own voice as a mother.

This retreat is for mothers of first or any number of pregnancies and all birth choices. This weekend is not a labour and birth preparation class or a motherhood 101. What it is, is the safe space to deeply support you, to hear you, and to guide you to connecting with yourself. It will allow you to discover parts of yourself that may be being born, to release fears and anything that doesn’t serve you, and to listen and return to your own inner voice and wisdom.

You will be deeply nourished on all levels.

Included in this 3 day and 3 night retreat style weekend:

  • Accommodation and the most magnificent views
  • Three nourishing vegetarian meals a day with the option to include fish or meat in any meals
  • Gentle nature walks
  • Gentle yoga flow and yoga nidra practices
  • Breathwork practices
  • Creative space and an art practice creating 3 pieces for birth and motherhood
  • Time gathered in circle together to share, cry, laugh and journey together to the depths of what may arise
  • Nurturing treatments of massage, reflexology and gentle Chiropractic care
  • Free time to relax, recharge, rest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings
  • A goodie bag of spoils for you worth over R1200

Join us for this magical weekend and allow yourself to be transformed physically, emotionally and mentally on this life changing journey of pregnancy. Let us hold, support and guide you as we honour this sacred life transition together.

Connection to self • Connection to the unborn child • Connection to community • Celebration of life •